We are currently bringing Titanium Technology closer to the different target markets, prototyping several solutions such as our suction pipes that we hope to introduce in the market soon.

Because we want you to have the best for both, your boat and the ocean. 
This project is carried out by members of the Blue Navigation consortium whose main objective is to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of navigation by developing and implementing more sustainable  and circular solutions. We plan to manufacture a 7-meter boat with electronic propulsion and TiTech system to avoid the emission of biocides and greenhouse gases into the environment.  
Through this project, Titanium Technology will continue to develop the best manufacturing methods for the different anti-fouling components. A project full of R&D to learn and optimize all the necessary processes to apply our technology in boats (vessels and other ship building pieces) to improve efficiency and sustainability in navigation.
With the idea of achieving a blue navigation, the Blue Navigation Consortium was founded, whose main objective is to develop and implement clean technologies in the nautical/naval sector that allow an efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly navigation.  
Given the multidisciplinary nature necessary to achieve this goal, the consortium is in collaboration with TechnoPro Hispania, Moggaro Aluminiun Yatchs and Abervian that, united with Titanium Technology,  we address how navigation should be the sustainable way.


To the Community of Madrid for the support received through the grant awarded to encourage the use of R&D and innovation services in small and medium-sized companies (“Innovation Check Program”) through the Ministry of Science
To the Center for Industrial Technological Development, E.P.E. (CDTI), for the support received through the subsidy granted through the State Business R&D&I Subprogram within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation for new business projects of innovative companies (NEOTEC Program)