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…It all starts with the know-how in material science,
electrochemistry and corrosion…

Titanium Technology brings forth a solution that doesn’t leave any ecological footprint
to the accumulation of microorganism, plants, algae, or small animals where not needed.

We offer a clean technology for the naval industry against unwanted biofouling
that remains sustainable over time and reduces the costs of maintenance.


Our goal is to keep the submerged structured
100% biofouling-free
with no cost to the environment.

Our goal is to minimize human impact on the environment through technology. We envision a world where we can enjoy its resources without destroying it. Therefore, we try to optimize resources and minimize unnecessary expenses. We believe that eliminating environmentally harmful products is possible and that its implementation translates into great benefits for the user and for the environment.


The colonization of the surfaces by unwanted bacteria and other biofouling agents is no longer a problem or a maintenance cost. With TiTech, the vessel remains clean over time and we give sustainability by minimizing the boat’s ecological footprint in avoiding biofouling. Because we want you to have the best for both, your boat and the ocean.